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Radiology Intervention Case Sharing Episode 3 丨The First Case in The Western Region: Zigong High-tech Tumor Hospital Successfully Carried Out Liver Malignant Tumor Ablation Treatment Using
Vice President Li Yongliang of Zigong High-tech Cancer Hospital personally received the patient and led the team to discuss the case multiple times. He also consulted with Professor Liao Zhengyin from the Interventional Center of West China Hospital of Sichuan University. After fully understanding the patient's condition, Professor Liao Zhengyin stated that the patient's condition was severe and the tumor was located in a special area near the hepatic portal vein. The cancer cells had invaded the surrounding tissues, posing great challenges to the surgical approach and the range of resection. The latest Nanoknife ablation therapy can achieve precise and selective ablation, with minimal impact on the blood vessels and bile ducts in the hepatic portal area. By releasing high-pressure pulses, it can cause apoptosis and necrosis of tumor cells. Percutaneous puncture is a minimally invasive method that is also very helpful for postoperative recovery of patients and can be attempted. Therefore, on June 19th, Professor Liao Zhengyin and Vice President Li Yongliang led the team to successfully perform Nanoknife ablation therapy for the patient under CT guidance. The "domestic Nanoknife" used in the surgery is the High Voltage Steep Pulse Minimally Invasive Therapeutic System independently developed and produced by Shanghai Yuanshan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.(Alpmed)
Story About Encounters Episode 2
72-year-old Mr. Bai has become a great-grandfather. Whenever he plays with his great-grandchildren, he remembers the serious illness he had four years ago and how lucky he was to have "encountered" during the process of seeking medical treatment.
Scientific Research Literature Episode 2丨The Latest Update on Clinical Application of Nanoknife
Irreversible electroporation (IRE) technology has gradually gained recognition and favor in clinical practice due to its tissue-selective characteristics and high immunoreactivity. Professor Xiao Yueyong from the Department of Radiology Intervention at the Chinese PLA General Hospital and Director Wang Zhongmin from the Department of Radiology Intervention at the Shanghai Ruijin Hospital have led their teams to make extensive explorations in this field, which is at the forefront of academia. They have convened and published the first edition of the Consensus of Experts on Image-guided Irreversible Electroporation Ablation Therapy for Malignant Liver Tumors, hereafter referred to as the "Consensus."
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